On-Site Plant Installation

Ingasco, Inc.(IGC) supplies on-site-produced nitrogen, oxygen and argon to users of industrial gases, in a utility-like manner, from IGC owned and operated air separation plants.

Nitrogen and oxygen gas users can realize significant cost savings with onsite-produced, pipeline-delivered products versus the alternative of using  expensive, and volatile-priced, bulk liquid products as their sole source of gaseous nitrogen and/ or oxygen.

Ingasco Inc. produces nitrogen and oxygen for industrial gas users under cost-effective, long-term, utility-like onsite gas supply contracts. 

IGC on-site nitrogen and / or oxygen generation customers not only realize immediate cost savings versus alternative supply arrangements, but will see those savings increase as delivered costs for bulk liquid products rise.

When you consider all the costs, inefficiencies and losses that are avoided when you arrange to have the products you need made on site as gases for in-plant pipeline delivery to usage points, it is not hard to see why on-site production and pipeline distribution of nitrogen, oxygen and argon can result in significant savings compared to using vaporized liquid products.  

Switching from vaporized liquid to on-site gas generation does not eliminate the need for a liquid storage and vaporization system. Liquid vaporization may be used to supplement on-site gas production when demand suddenly increases, and during plant maintenance shutdowns.  However, with a gas production plant on your site, the amount of liquid consumed to back up or supplement on site gas production will be only a small fraction of the amount that would be consumed if vaporized liquid was being used to meet the entire demand for nitrogen or oxygen.


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