Bulk Gases    

Bulk Gases are stored in cryogenic vacuum insulated tanks, the most efficient way for storing liquefied gases. The bulk tanks are installed at customer site and the contents are replenished by tank lorries. Ingasco Bulk Gases consist of liquid nitrogen, oxygen, argon and carbon dioxide including compressed hydrogen supply by tube trailers mounted in trailers.

In addition, Ingasco is committed to incorporate the highest standards of safety and quality and  as such select high quality materials and equipment for the Bulk Gases supply such as the cryogenic storage tank, dual pressure control manifold to provide the downstream pressure requirement of the customer and piping materials. The design of equipment installation undergoes thorough review by our Engineering team.  An audit team likewise performs pre- commissioning and post installation audits as part of our safety initiatives.

Cylinder Gases

Industrial Gases

Ingasco’s wide range of industrial gases is supplied practically to all industries, for their process applications , production and fabrication to maintenance purposes. Ingasco produces these industrial gases in our two plant facilities which include; oxygen, nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, acetylene and mix gases.

Medical Gases

Ingasco, in its 56 years of existence in the country has proven its role in the supply of medical   gases;

Our strengths:

1.  Compliance to Purity standards 

2.  Multiple production centers and wide distribution network

3.  Complete delivery solutions to meet every requirement

4.  Strict compliance to safety test processes for the cylinders


Mixed or Specialty Gases

Ingasco knows the importance in providing to the Industrial market and Pharmaceuticals. It is our goal to provide you with nothing but the best in quality, accuracy and service that you both look for and deserve when placing your order for a specialty gas.

We have the extensive knowledge and dependability a company needs to provide calibration gases, special mixtures - including multi-components, semi-conductor applications, hydrocarbon gases, molecular laser gas and emission gases - to the most profitable leaders in the industry.

Ingasco manufactures pure gases, special gases and gas mixtures. These highly specialized products have applications in many areas: medicine, electronics, manufacturing and research laboratories.

Ingasco operations have consistently implemented and met the most exacting standards. It should also be noted that many gases of higher purity are available on special order. Our facilities have been designed to service not just current needs but the challenging demands the the future.  

With Ingasco commitment to serve the future requirements of high purity and special gas mixtures, a world class Special Gases laboratory will be set to one of our production facilities  to produce consistently high standards of special gases.


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